It's So Weird To Be Alive

by Sam Foreman

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Written/recorded/mixed/mastered/etc. in my basement from roughly june-early august, 2015.

I don't really have anything else to say so here's a bad joke:
What's white and can't climb a tree?

A refrigerator


released August 13, 2015

Sam Foreman - Everything you hear (for better or for worse)



all rights reserved


Sam Foreman Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I make music.

main influences:
radiohead, animal collective, sufjan stevens, vampire weekend, grizzly bear, and "fuck tha police"

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Track Name: Numbers
To let go
Of the numbers that follow me
Setting a path for me

Great blue sky
You are, all that I want to be
A light for others to see

It's so weird
To have, feelings and memories
Different for every being

There are numbers hidden in the sound

To release
All the numbers inside of me
Just complicating things

Take some time
Relax, refresh your memory
It's all that you've got you'll see

It's so weird
To have, feelings and memories
Just number you cannot see

Did you ever think to think about

How it's so weird to be alive
Track Name: What I Believe
You say what you want, say what you need
I'll wait up for you if you wait up for me
But if you're thinking
This isn't working
I'll find another way
But if you blow up
Without thinking
I will stand up for
What I believe

Think about your friends and what they fight for
Think about your life, what is your score?
And if your thinking
That you want changing
Don't you hesitate
But if you blow up
Without thinking
I will stand up for
What I believe

We are changing
Searching for that belief
But if you blow up
Without thinking
I will stand up for
What I Believe
Track Name: Build to Nothing
Everyone takes colors for granted
But we get angry when they're gone
Does that sound fair to you?

But if you remember
There is a soul inside everyone

Don't pick sides, not before thinking things through
You're alright, and your heroes messed up before too
Be alive, that's really all that you can do
And remind your friends that anger's not the truth

You told me the man you want to
Be one day if you got lucky
Life's unfair but there's no point to
Use that out to build to nothing
Track Name: Breach, Pt. 3
Track Name: Soul Food
Sun out
Pouring out my inhibitions
Play catch up`
So I can finally fill my soul
Fill out my soul

Lights down
Everything I ever wanted
Is right here
Music is how I fill up my soul
My soul

Sound found
Somehow I make sense from thinking
And create
Music I use to fill up my soul
My soul

Looking before the past, I swear I saw you
If you start speeding off, make sure you don't look back
Each day is a routine, each day's the same thing
But I look for mysteries, something to fill my soul
Track Name: 3 Years
Its your day off you're at the mall and you spot a fountain
The water breathes in a sweet relief
as you throw a penny in and make a wish

Three years on it feels like a decade, maybe more
You're back beside the fountain it is calling you,
you throw another penny with a smile

Eight years later you return and something's off
You look towards the bottom and you find that it is lined
with dimes and eyes that look so worn.

You reach for a penny to make one final wish
But the price has gone up too much
So you leave the mall never to return

Why'd you think that you could stay away from me?
Stay away from me?
There's nothing that you could do to stay with me
Do to stay with me
Track Name: Dear Light
I know you're frightened
By the problems that you have
Dear Light,
I know you feel trapped
By a prison, you built yourself
Oh Light,
If I had one purpose
I'd want to, make you feel alright
Dear Light,
It's not so awful
I promise, you'll be alright
You wait for morning
But you're so bright in the darkest night
Oh light,
I just can't stand it
When you like this, don't be like this
Track Name: In The Right Lane
So you had a little fight with him
Don't you act so angry at him

Because we are all the same
Move over to the right lane
Everything you want be can happen
In the right lane

So you were not thinking logical
You will be ok just remember

We are all the same
Move over to the right lane
Everything you want to be can happen
In the right lane
Can happen in the right lane